About Jeevaratchanai

“Jeevaratchanai” means “Saves Lives” in Tamil, which is one of the languages native to the southern part of India.

Jeevaratchanai is a non-profit social service organization that was started with an indelible purpose: to help, support, transform, and empower the underprivileged, uneducated, poor and needy – both individuals and communities – for the betterment of their well-being.

Jeevaratchanai is known for its unbiased, holistic, and excellent service. Through our unwavering efforts and commitment, we nurture individuals and communities to build a better future for them. We help them conquer obstacles that poverty, violence, abandonment, discrimination, abuse, and disease have created in their lives.

We are committed to serving the communities through unique cooperative programs, working hand in hand with the government, providing quality services to people of all ages irrespective of gender, religion, or caste.

We believe that we can make a real change in people’s lives by working together and serving them through love.

Currently housing 11 children, The Hope House provides a safe and nurturing home for destitute, abandoned, and orphaned vulnerable little children, where they are loved, valued and empowered through quality care and education.

Our services

Jeevaratchanai was set up in 1996 and registered under the Trust Act. Since then, we have successfully established and delivered various impactful and sustainable programs to serve the communities through:

  • Home for Destitute, Abandoned & Orphaned
  • Elderly Support
  • Education Support
  • Child Labour
  • Child Safety / Sexual Awareness
  • Counselling
  • Medical & Eye Camps
  • Anti-Ragging
  • Legal Aid
  • Traffic Awareness
  • Relief Programs
  • Self-Development
  • Road Enforcement
  • Social Issues Awareness Campaigns